Ideas to help prevent pipes from freezing

1) Keep pipes warm by wrapping them with foam insulation. (This can be found at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s)   2) If you have any cabinets or closets that have plumbing in them keep the doors open to allow warm air to circulate. *if you have a power outage let water run from faucets on a constant drip.   3) If your away for long periods of time during the winter drain all your water lines to prevent freezing or bursting pipes.

1.     a) open all the faucets and turn off water from the main water supply (this can normally be found in the basement of your home)

2.     b) also remember to drain your exterior water spigot and cover it with foam insulation as well.

If you have any pipes that burst call your local plumber as soon as possible!

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