“I really do like how Don Realty renovated my bathroom with a nice finished design and updated my sink, tub, and toilet. The work they did is outstanding….”

Stephanie M

My husband and I bought our first home together, money was tight and we had a very small budget, but we needed to have our bathroom redone.  I called Don Realty and Construction, they came out gave us a good deal and turned our small out dated bathroom to a very cozy and comfortable modern space! Thank you Don and Qianna!

Sharon L

I had old hardwood floors that were worn and in rough condition.  I contemplated covering them with carpet but I loved the hardwood look.  I called Don Realty and Construction after getting a few other estimates, they came out took a look at my floors and suggested I try linoleum hardwood floors being I could not afford the high end brands, I would still have the hardwood look and feel but at a more reasonable cost, I was not quite sure if I would like the linoleum but Don assured me if I did not love it he would do anything he could to make me happy.  Once the linoleum was put in I couldn’t notice the difference!  Thank you to the professionals at Don Realty and Construction for making my floors look beautiful on a budget!

Shannon M

The holidays were approaching and my husband and I needed to have our kitchen remodeled, we called Don Realty and Construction they were very courteous and acceptable to our needs.  We were given a 4 week time frame and they actually finished in under 3 weeks.  Kitchen came out beautiful and holiday hosting was a breeze.

Michelle T

Don Realty and Construction! Friendly fair and excellent design aesthetics.  They took my ugly bathroom from the 1970’s and made it look like a luxury spa! It was amazing the imagination that Qianna had for someone like myself who had a small budget to work with.  Truly grateful we met!

Maria S